Legalize Marijuana Essay examples

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Cannabis is a plant that has been used for many purposes during many centuries of its cultivation. Cannabis grows wild in many parts of the world, such as in India and even in parts of the United States, where it is referred to as “ditch weed”. Cannabis seed oils can be used as a nutritional supplement or as a component of soaps and detergents. Hemp fibers can be used in the construction of textile ropes. Cannabis’ most famous and infamous use is for the psychoactive substance, THC, which can produce an altered state of consciousness, mild hallucinations, and other neurological and behavioral effects. These effects are revered by some members of the community and loathed by others, who perceive it as a dangerous and unhealthy state of…show more content…
The following offers an analysis of both sides of this subject as well as an analysis of how this issue affects Brazilian society. Cannabis legalization is a subject of strong debate in the United States. Marijuana use for medical, industrial, and recreational purposes has existed for thousands of years in many countries worldwide and is documented as far back as 2700 BC (Time Magazine, April 2009; Why Legalizing Marijuana Makes Sense). Marijuana should be legalized for several reasons. The government could save money and earn additional revenue from taxes on its sale. Tobacco sales generate strong sources of Federal revenue because of taxation. As a popular and well-marketed product, the sales taxes would amass a savings that could be allotted toward promoting infrastructures, public education and other public utilities for the general welfare of citizens. As a cash crop, like corn, wheat, or alfalfa, marijuana futures could also be bought and traded by investors. Tobacco futures have been a consistently strong way of bolstering and diversifying a discriminating investor’s portfolio. The increase in futures investment would help American farmers build much-needed revenues that would allow agrarian operations to expand and become more sophisticated. In the United States,
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