Legalized Gambling in Hawaii

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Casinos in Hawaii: A Good or Bad Gamble?

The streets of Las Vegas Boulevard, which are littered with advertisements picturing naked girls willing to provide their services for a price, can be a scary place as someone takes a stroll. Drunk men stumble out of strip clubs and casinos, and girls in gaudy clothing and stilettos apply lipstick at their post. Nobody knows when someone lurking in the shadows might pop out with a knife to steal an unsuspecting person’s wallet. Or even worse, a friendly-looking stranger walking in the opposite direction could be waiting to come across the right person to drag into a dark alley, muffle their screams so that their cries for help blend into the noisy background of the streets, and do the
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The term, Aloha Spirit, is the attitude Hawaii is famous for. This is a way of describing the overall kindness and friendly acceptance that residents portray. When looking at a 2006 crime rate chart comparing both Honolulu and Las Vegas, Las Vegas exceeds Hawaii in all categories. The following numbers are actual examples: murder, 17 to 152; robbery, 956 to 5,381; aggravated assault, 1583 to 6680; and vehicle theft, 6288 to 19677. According to, when looking at a population of one million in the cities of Las Vegas, Nevada and the Honolulu, Hawaii, both violent and property crime rate percentages in the city of Las Vegas are not only greater than Honolulu, but above the national crime rate average as well. This suggests that the association that the city of Las Vegas has with gambling may contribute to the increase of crime. Bringing the slots to our neighborhood means bringing all the cons that come with it, thus destroying the Aloha Spirit. The presence of hotel casinos in Hawaii will deteriorate and draw away from the beauty and the culture of the islands that visitors come to see. Year-round warm climate and the inviting outdoors of the playful ocean and mountainous scenery attract people to the tropics of Hawaii. Along with this, another

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