Legalized Gaming in Mississippi Essay

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Legalized Gaming in Mississippi

"Once given up dead, Biloxi this summer celebrates the 10th anniversary of a casino-driven rebirth that has been dubbed 'The Mississippi Coast Miracle' " (Biloxi, Miss., Celebrates... 1). In 1992 the first legalized gaming facilities opened on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The casinos gave Mississippi's economy the boost it has needed for a long time. Religious groups and other activists were against the legalization of gaming because they believed the casinos would root an increase of crime. Although casinos may bring significant problems, they pay a large amount of taxes and attract tourists, these revenues together pay for city improvements, better schools, and give
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Two of the many new attractions are a hockey team and an indoor professional football team. According to Gillette, "The Coast is in the top 10% of the league for hockey attendance at Sea Wolves games, and has the highest attendance in the league in indoor professional football" (2). This proves there has been a significant increase of people attending local events. With the amount of money going to recreation and amusement, plenty of activities are present to occupy a family's vacation time.

With the increased number of tourists visiting the coast, many local industries have prospered which also helps out the regular "Joes". According to the article, "Mississippis Gulf Coast Went Through Economic Boom in 1990's Report Shows", "Sales in most industry categories more than doubled during the decade" (2). The President of Peoples Bank, Chevis C. Swetman states, " 'a decade ago the seaside resort city hadn't seen a new hotel built since the 1960's. We were basically dead. Casinos […] put value back into the local real estate market and cash into workers' pockets' " (Biloxi, Miss., Celebrates... 5). According to the article, "Biloxi, Miss., Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Casino-Induced Prosperity", "Desporte's Biloxi Paper Co. Sells paper goods, office and cleaning supplies, and other products, mostly to casinos and
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