Legalizing All Drugs Should Solve A Lot Of Our Country 's Problem

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There are many people that are conflicted in this country on how to properly deal with the issue of drugs and how they should be handled. There are some people that firmly believe that legalizing all drugs will solve a lot of our country’s problems. The advocates for legalizing drugs believe that this would benefit everyone by making our streets and homes much safer due to the fact that drug addicts will do anything for their next “fix”. Drug prices increase with the restriction of drugs by law enforcement and the addicts are desperate for money and will commit a string of muggings, burglary of homes and cars or even murder to finance their habits. The higher the price of their drug the more they will need to steal to buy their supply. Drug dealers are also in possession of very “valuable” property and are a big target for assaults and even murder to steal the dealers money or drugs that they have on them at the time. The drug gangs also compete over areas to peddle their drugs with other drug dealers which lead to violence and murder between the dealers. If drugs are legalized then the drug prices will plummet and there will be no need for the addicts to commit crimes or murder to get ahold of their drugs. The drug dealers on the streets will be forced out of work by the retail marketing of drugs by reputable and well known retailers. If drugs were legalized some people believe that crime on the streets and possibly in our own homes will decrease. Legalization of

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