Legalizing Immigrants Essay

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Legal immigration should be enforced in society. An individual who reside in a country illegally is an, illegal immigrant. There are a lot o people that are illegal in the United States that migrates for a better life and future. Some immigrants come to the United States so that their kids can have a better life and can be given a chance to further their education and become something in life. Unlike, in the United States if a child of an illegal immigrant is born in the United States, they automatically gain citizenship. Some immigrants suffer a lot to get to America; some people don’t even make it, a lot of people have died trying to reach the United States. Immigrant’s come to America by cramming into shipping containers, trucks,…show more content…
Immigrants may change the market in certain ways, but their hard work at bargain prices is good for America. Immigrants can’t even apply for welfare for the first five years that they’re in the country. “They buy clothes, food, televisions and houses, while paying sales tax on every bit of it and income tax on their salaries” (site) Most immigrants get fake social security cards to get jobs other than in the fields or factories were they don’t ask for social security cards. As they get fake social security cards, employers take out the same deductions from their salaries as they would to a U.S. born citizen. Even a day without immigrants in the United States, it would hurt the economy. If one day all the immigrants didn’t go to work, school or bought anything form stores, the economy would go down that day. Immigrants do give a lot to society these days. The process for an immigrant to acquire a green card and eventually become a legal naturalized citizen of the U.S. is difficult, time consuming, and expensive. Becoming a legal citizen is every illegal immigrant’s dream. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service is the one that issues the green card. “The first step to obtain the green card is for the sponsoring relative or employer to submit the proper forms to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services” (site) The process for the National Visa Center to retrieve the paperwork can take up to two months
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