Legalizing Marijuan The Blunt Truth

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Legalizing Marijuana:The Blunt Truth
When we imagine the uses of marijuana, we see the dazed hippies of the 1960s and 70’s, but really the first written record of cannabis goes back to 2727 B.C. by Chinese Emperor Shen Nung and it has been dated through almost every historic time. Not only was cannabis used for recreational and medicinal properties, but hemp was also used for cloth and textiles, paper, soap and hygiene products, food, and even industrial products such as fuel. Marijuana is not just the idolized drug mentioned in countless songs and movies that we tend to dismiss as just a joke. It appears in our daily life in various ways mostly to eliminate it, but recently it has become a more controversial topic with the legalization in some states. The debate to end the prohibition has gone into the recent presidential campaign and with the knowledge of Colorado’s recent change to legalizing marijuana we can know evaluate the evidence. The Federal Government should legalize marijuana across the country because of the economic benefits, the societal impacts, and the economical effects.
The current background on the situation is that 23 states and The District of Columbia(D.C) have legalized medical marijuana although other states have legalized cannabidiol ‒a non-psychoactive marijuana extract‒and others states require a doctor to prescribe the cannabis, but this is actually illegal under federal law, so these states are not included. Four states and Washington D.C…
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