Legalizing Marijuana

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Cannabis Sativa, more commonly known as Marijuana, is made up of dried parts of the Cannabis hemp plant and is the most commonly used illegal drug in the United States. For centuries, people all over the world have been using marijuana to achieve “euphoria”, but the drug has remained illegal in the United States despite countless efforts to reverse the law. In the last few years, the legalization of Marijuana became both a prominent and controversial issue in our country and remains an extremely touchy subject. Despite its short term effect of distorted perceptions and memory impairment, Marijuana has several pro’s that can not only help individuals but could benefit our country as a whole. These “pros” include medical use, a boost in our…show more content…
When combined with cotton or wool, hemp strengthens the fabric making it breathable and more comfortable to wear. Hemp can be made into rope, clothing, and even paper. More importantly, the creation of this industry will bring upon thousands of jobs for people in our country. Currently, our country exceeds more then $300 million in annual retail sales and the numbers continue to ride. Industrial hemp could generate thousands of sustainable job, helping our country to get back on track. Patrick Goggin, a board member on the California Could for Vote Hemp, the nations leading industrial hemp-farming advocacy group stated, "We 're in the midst of a dark economic transition, but I believe hemp is an important facet and has tremendous economic potential.” Another benefit accrued through legalizing marijuana would be a significant reduction in crime rates. Since Marijuana is currently illegal, it is sold on the streets country wide. Thousands purchase the drug from dealers, putting their lives and reputations at risk, simply because it is the only method to attain it. Both drug dealers and gangs fight to sell the drug in the street, causing their deaths and the deaths of innocent people. Legalizing the drug help decrease the street wars and gang violence by taking the “right” to sell out of the hands of dealers, and into the hands of the government. Since the drug will be legalized, it will be available in the same locations as cigarettes and alcohol, decreasing crime

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