Legalizing Marijuana Speech Essay

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Problem Outline: Weed Country Thesis: There is a significant amount of attention in today’s world on weather or not to legalize marijuana. The prohibition of marijuana is holding up the improvement of social and economic developments. Introduction I. [Attention-Getter] Would you want the government limiting how much coffee you can drink or how much cheesecake you’re allowed to eat? According to Dr. Paul Phinney, president-elect of the California medical association has found these types of foods to be just as addictive if not more than marijuana. a. According to this same website, “It's only when you abuse the drug that problems start to occur.” But isn't abuse of almost any bad substance a problem? If you abuse alcohol,…show more content…
We’re talking about a living organism that governments designate as an illegal substance. Marijuana has been found to suppress cancer, reduce blood pressure, treat glaucoma, alleviate pain and even inhibit HIV. a. "Every day a new study comes out saying that marijuana is this wonder drug," says Dr. Ziva Cooper. b. Joe Messerli of, states, “There are a number of medical benefits of marijuana, most notably in the treatment of patients undergoing chemotherapy. Others believe it helps in the treatment of depression unlike alcohol.” c. The prohibition of marijuana is keeping these patients from treatment. This is also preventing scientist from doing research that could possibly find cures for many of today’s diseases. [TRANSITION: The prohibition of marijuana is not only stopping the medical benefits, but also resources that could be made from hemp. II. [Topic Statement] First, hemp fibers from the stalks of the Cannabis plant have countless uses. a. According to a June 10, 2009 The News Tribune article by Ian Barry, “Hemp can be made into rope, clothing, and paper.” i. As a fiber source, hemp could be used in everything from textiles to automotive composites. The fiber is also gaining popularity as insulation. ii. Prohibition of marijuana is holding back the production of these resources. b. In addition, the prohibition is keeping marijuana from being our
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