Legalizing Marijuana in the U.S. Essay

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Legalization of Marijuana: A hot topic
Tonie J. Moutra
GEN 499
Dr. Curt Sobolewski
November 26, 2012

The legalization of marijuana for recreational usage could may be a new trend in America but the Federal government will likely oppose usage through the end of time. The Drug Enforcement Administration's (DEA) stance is that marijuana is an illegal drug and that using this drug whether for medicinal or recreational purposes is illegal. I chose this topic to research because of awareness bright to light prior to the recent elections. Until researching this topic, I was unaware that marijuana usage is legal in some states and that other states were pushing legislation to get
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Their website also notes that the purpose of the organization is to inform and to provide resources for critical thinking and education without bias. (18 Legal Medical Marijuana States and DC, 2012) The legalization of marijuana appears to be a hot topic and is definitely controversial among the American people as well as federal agencies like the DEA (The Star Ledger, 2012). From my research through the university library as well as over the intranet, I found several sources of information that referenced the legalization of marijuana. The sources were mixed in biases and opinions about marijuana usage, its affects on the human body, and whether or not marijuana is even as toxic and harmful as the government has made people believe. I read over a few sources that claimed that suggest that marijuana is not harmful enough to justify its prohibition (Dubner, 2007). I read over articles that suggest that states were marijuana has been legalized will encourage an increase in usage. I also found a source that opposed the previous idea that legalization will increase usage by suggesting that legalization does not increase usage through case studies. It is my opinion that every source has some degree of biasness to the information reported. I believe that bias could be considered the position taken in reporting the information. For instance, a person who writes information on a study opposing marijuana

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