Legalizing Prostitution

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Many people consider legalizing prostitution as “opening Pandora’s box,” because prostitution is a profession people consider ‘immoral.’ Prostitution has no good sense about it. Many prostitutes are forced to work on the street, and many take drugs, not to mention that they help spread diseases such as the infamous HIV AIDS. So why would countries like Germany and Holland legalize such a forbidden profession? The answer? They look at the bigger picture.

It is a known fact that prostitutes make a lot of money, even more than most day workers. A country’s GDP reflects their economy. A greater GDP equals a better economy. GDP is measured by several factors, including the population’s salaries. Prostitutes’ salaries are not counted in the
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Germany has approximately 400,000 prostitutes legally working in the country and paying taxes.

Many people object to legal prostitution such as that they don’t want their own children to one day work as a prostitute if it were turned legal. The future generations would not find prostitution a bad thing as people do today. But one of the contract laws stated in those countries that have legalized prostitution is that people can only become prostitutes if they are willing to become one. Forced prostitution and child prostitution is still a strictly prohibited. If your children were willing to become prostitutes when they grew up, they would still take up the profession whether it was illegal or not. At least if prostitutes were legal, they would be contributing members of society.

Prostitution, drug dealing and other professions alike take place in the country. Even though it is illegal, it is still done. Though it is looked down upon, people still do it and many people still buy it. Governments cannot sit and pretend that nothing is happening when they know it is. People who consider prostitution immoral cannot pretend that prostitution is abolished if they don’t talk about it. How can prostitution be abolished? It is one of the oldest professions in the world, next to farming. Governments can only find another way around the problem by legalizing it, bringing more money for

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