Legalizing Same-Sex Marriages

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The topic of legalizing same sex marriages brings up heated debates on legal, religious, moral, and philosophical grounds. In researching material for this paper this writer could not help but read reports that indicate that the country is fairly well divided on this issue. The debate can go round and around and the answer to the question of legalizing same sex marriages is not as easy as it may seem. There are solid rebuttals to any supposition one makes on the issue, making the debate a lot more interesting than one might believe. In general there are several philosophical arguments against same sex marriage: The first claims that marriage is an innately reproductive union of two people and that same sex marriages innately lack the potential for any type of reproduction, therefore it is metaphysically and biologically impossible for homosexuals to become "married" to one another. Thus, same sex marriages should not occur. Critics of this line of reasoning would state that there is no one who would support the notion of not allowing infertile heterosexual couples or fertile heterosexual couples who do not plan to have children the right to marry one another. Thus, this argument is not valid as an explanation of why same sex marriages should not be allowed. However, the rebuttal to this counter argument would be that the sexual intercourse that takes place between either infertile heterosexual couples or heterosexual couples not desiring children is reproductive in kind.
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