Legalizing Sport And Casino Betting

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Every week between August and February, millions of average American citizens break the law. During this time, millions of people wager billions of dollars on football games. This culminates in February with the Super Bowl where more money is wagered than on any other sporting event in the world. The vast majority of people who place these wagers live in states where sport’s gambling has long been illegal. Even those seemingly innocent NCAA office pools or friend to friend sports wagers are against the law in most counties across the state.

Surveys indicate that in many states, people are overwhelmingly in favor of legalizing sport and casino betting. However, state legislators continue to have great difficulty passing legislation to allow betting because the federal government and/or consumer groups that are opposed to any changes in the current law. In 2011, the citizens of New Jersey voted to allow citizens the right to bet on sporting events. The New Jersey legislator also passed an amendment making sports betting legal as well. However, the will of the people today is being nullified by a federal law passed over 20 years ago. In 1992, the federal government passed a law which essentially banned sports betting everywhere in the United States except the four states where gambling was already firmly entrenched (Nevada, Delaware, Oregon, and Montana). Now each time a state, in this case New Jersey, tries to pass some form of legislation to legalize gambling, organizations
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