Legalizing Steroids Is Dangerous

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Steroids are becoming popular, but no one is stopping to take a look at all the facts about the use of them. Remy an avid steroid user who regrets using steroids suggests, “There is no controlled way to use steroids” (Campbell 3). Everyone’s bodies react different to what steroids can do. Some more dangerous than others. Controlling steroid use is impossible because everyone uses different amounts and even a little can be dangerous. Harrison Pope a professor of psychiatry at Harvard’s McLean Hospital says, “The preliminary data on steroids suggest that long-term use damages the muscle of the heart, significantly increasing the risk of an attack” (Butterworth 2). A continued use of steroids would do damage not only on the heart but the whole body as well. Heart damage is very likely while using steroids. Views of the opposition suggest that they are not worried about the un-controlling factors. Tim Cowlishaw a sports writer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette states, “I think if we made everything legal, we would learn eventually which drugs and creams, and heaven forbid, antler sprays actually have benefits and what their risks are” (Cowlishaw 1). If society made steroids legal, controlling amounts would not be imaginable. Anyone could get their hands on it, which could lead to over-use and endangerment of human health.
Legalizing steroids represents cheating in all sports across the nation. “There will always…
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