Legalizing The Sale Of Human Organs Final

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Gallardo, Monica J. Mr. Michael S. Macugay ENGLCOM August 11, 2014 Saving Lives Is More than Just Medications If someone close to your heart is faced with a life or death situation, would you do everything to help him or her? Certainly, it would be a yes. Close to a million of people are dying every year because of insufficient number of donated organs to be transplanted. There are hundreds of thousands of individuals in need of life-saving organ transplants, but the wait list is so long. That is why human organ sales must be legalized worldwide. It will not only increase the amount of organs donated that will escalate the possibility of saving lives, but it will also eliminate the black market or underground economy by having faster…show more content…
So, legalizing the sale of human organs is the best solution for this unfairness to stop. This industry will also be regulated more properly and make it much safer. Safer in a way that certified doctors can perform the operations and with government support. The opposition object to this legalization because of the unacceptable levels of harm and its immorality. According to Wilkinson (2011), organ sale is excessively harmful and dangerous for both the donor and receiver/patient and our human body parts should not have a price. But, first of all, organ sale is not terribly dangerous if performed in good conditions. The UK body NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) stated that the possibility of either the donor or receiver will die is about one in 3,000. There is also a small risk of minor complications. As regards long-term health risks, NHSBT claims that there is there is no long-term effect on the health of the donor and the receiver. And, if our concern is exposing the organ donor to risk, then the last thing we should be doing is banning sale since, as Cameron and Hoffenberg put it: the best way of avoiding harm to organ vendors is not to ban and prohibit it but rather to accept and regulate it. In addition, legalizing the sale of human organs is contrary to human dignity, it violates equity, and as a moral principle according to which it is wrong to pay someone to sell his/her organs and jeopardize and risk his/her
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