Legalizing The Same Sex Marriage

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With the development of various fields in society, enormous changes have appeared in modern society. These changes have constantly created a huge variety of social problems and one of the most controversial issues is legalizing the homosexual marriage. The social movement for legalizing the same-sex marriage in U.S. started in the 1970s. People who support homosexual marriage carried on their campaign arguing that banning gay marriage is a ‘discrimination’, which is similar to the prohibition of racial intermarriage that existed in past. Since lots of homosexuals all around the world insist their basic rights of marriage, there are plenty of serious debates going on about their marriage. Denmark was the first country to allow the…show more content…
(Swartz 2015) In addition, most of the Medieval Venetians believed the cause of the black plague was due to homosexuality. As a result, a lot of gays and lesbians were publicly executed. (Kite and Kinsey 2016)
Unfortunately, amount of people still think of gay marriage negatively. The opposition to gay marriage becoming legislation in the U.S. has its roots in religion. With majority of Christians in U.S., as they tend to think conservatively, marriage with same-gender partner is a crucial social issue for them. They strongly assert that gay marriage is a big social problem because they believe is marriage has always been a covenant between a man and a woman. In addition, they insist that the ultimate purpose of marriage is procreation which is impossible for gay couples. Gay couples cannot help adopting children and it might weaken the family structure and causes violation of social rules. Besides, it can create a negative psychological influence on children. Their adopted kid would be struggled with confusion of gender identity and played jokes on throughout his or her school years for having gay parents. The opponents focused on the kind of trauma a young child may experience when he or she finds out what being gay is all about. (Eskridge and Spedale. 2006)
But now, people are changing their attitudes on same-sex marriage. According to
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