Legalizing the Sale of Human Organs

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Legalizing the sale of human organs has become a very controversial topic in the last few decades. Transplant surgeries were becoming relatively safe to preform, which lead the transplant list to grow rapidly. The debate on how to increment the number of organs available for transplant commenced. Currently organ donations were solely dependent upon cadaveric donors and family members. This shortage has engendered an ebony market for organs sales. People are peregrinating across the country to have hazardous surgeries spending thousands of dollars. I will be presenting three articles that debates why selling organ should or should not be legalized. On what basis, if any, should we suppose that the organs of one's body ought to be available for transplant into the body of another? Without making at least some progress in addressing these questions, I do not know how to think about whether proposals for increasing the number of organs for transplant in particular, proposals for some sort of market in organs make moral sense. Freed of the sense that we are under some imperative to secure more organs, we may be able to think again of the price we would pay perhaps, to be sure, a justified price to increase the supply of organs for transplant. But if there are deeper reasons at work, reasons that have to do with what we may even call the sacredness of human life in the body, we pay a considerable price if we seize upon certain means to increase the supply of organs for

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