Legend : The $ 50 Porsche

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The legend “The $50 Porsche” in summary is about a wealthy woman who is soon to be divorced by her cheating husband and sells his Porsche for well under the price range. She is told that she will split the profits of the car 50/50 with her husband so in an act of revenge she sells it at a very low price. This legend peaked my interest because I cannot tell if this legend makes the woman look smart or stupid. It never says the husband’s reaction so I can’t tell if he would freak out or laugh in her face. Obviously, he loses a great deal of money but if he is wealthy and still has a job it is not as big of a deal for him as it is for the presumably unemployed wife. I have heard this legend before. I know it to be somewhat true. My friend’s dad cheated on her mom when we were in 5th grade. It turns out my friend’s Mom paid for the house, cars, vacation house; everything had been put down in her name so she sold it all of it to her parents very cheaply before the divorce. He became the laughing stock of our town and ended up moving to Denver, Colorado alone. I am not sure if that is exactly how it went down but I remember hearing rumors when I was younger. Even now that’s what my friend told us happened. Some differences include the things being sold, and not running off with the woman but he was run out of town for other reasons. Brunvard states that this legend was published in the newspaper in Columbus, Georgia October 10th, 1983, Philadelphia 1979, and England in the 1940s.…

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