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3.2 demonstrate ways of working that can help improve partnership working

By working in partnership with professional colleagues, can help to overcome perceived boundaries between services and organisations,
Effective partnership working is built upon a clear understanding of the different roles each person has in supporting the person. Increasing clarity and agreement about roles and responsibilities improves understanding, and leads to mutually supportive relationships. Clear remits, lines of communication and accountability characterise successful approaches to partnership working.
Ways to improve this would be information sharing, i.e. what is important and what make the person could get better or improve the persons comfort,
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We value each person as an individual, respect their aspirations and commitments in life, and seek to understand their priorities, needs, abilities and limits.
Person cantered values would include  Individuality, Rights, Choice, Privacy, Independence, Dignity, Respect, Partnership

1.2 explains why it is important to work in a way that embeds person-centred approach.

It is important to work in these ways

to meet the needs of the individual to provide the best possible quality care service to ensure a good quality of life of the individual to treat the individual as you would want to be treated

1.3 explain why risk taking can be part of a person centred approach
A person centred approach seeks to focus on people 's rights to have the lifestyle that they chose, including the right to make 'bad ' decisions. The approach uses person centred thinking tools, to help people and those who care about them most think in a positive and productive way about how to ensure that they can achieve the changes they want to see while keeping the issue of risk in its place. In essence is a process to gather, in partnership with the person, the fullest information and evidence to demonstrate that we have thought deeply about all the issues involved. Decisions are then guided by what is important to the person, what is needed to keep them healthy and safe and on what the law says.

1.4 Explain how using an individual’s
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