Legislation Table HBCA Unit 1 Task 1 SA 2 Essay

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Preparing to work in Home-Based Childcare Award (HBCA) Legislation Template Learning Outcome 1, Task 1, 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 Criteria 1.1 Outline current legislation relevant to the home based childcarer. Using the information within the learning materials make a list here of current legislation Criteria 1.2 From your list of legislation for criteria 1.1 please now consider the areas of: Health and Safety Safeguarding, welfare and protection of children Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Using the table template list 2 or 3 examples of legislation specific to each of the 3 headings and a brief summary what each piece of legislation will mean in your work as a home based childcarer. Legislation Summary in relation to…show more content…
Suitability of others that may enter the setting/be around the children in your care Write up and follow a policy and procedure for safeguarding following legislation Must be able to identify and record possible signs of abuse or neglect as soon as possible Keeping in mind data protection, be aware of what is going on in a child’s life and any changes that may affect their behaviour Always remain with the children in you care if someone else is around ie builders meter reading ect Any one regular needs to be DBS checked Equality Diversity and Inclusion Insert relevant equality, diversity and inclusion legislation I. Have in place and follow a policy and procedures to promote equality of opportunity for children within my care II. Have the necessary information of the children in my care beliefs, views and preferences recorded safety III. Encourage open mindness and understanding that a different view is ok Following a policy that is written up and made everyone in the setting aware of ensures that everyone is included, made to feel safe and treated equal Holding the right information will make it easier to know and understand individuals needs as well as their individual views, c=this can be done by having a record form of information on individuals to record these things Being able to communicate with parents/carers will also help to gain information on the individuals likes dislikes Encourage everyone to think

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