Legislation and the Teaching Occupation Essay

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Legislation and the Teaching Occupation

Legislation affects all aspects of the educational environment. Legislation controls teaching credentials, funds allotted for teaching supplies, general public school operation, and curriculum. In turn, the educational environment affects the capabilities of a teacher. Senators and assembly members have made numerous amendments over time to the laws that they have created. Such changes greatly shape the abilities of teachers to teach their students.

Teachers must first obtain teaching credentials that relate within their field of experience. Legislation deals with the procedures that teacher candidates must pass in order to receive their credentials. When these teacher candidates
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Sparkman and Campbell define “teaching certificates” in their report called “Teacher Certification,” which is a part of an anthology called The Principal's Legal Handbook. Sparkman and Campbell provide an overview of the process of obtaining credentials. They explain about the state's authority over the teacher certificate, the issues regarding employment for a school board, and any process that may be taken to revoke a teacher certificate.

There are several legislation that relate with obtaining teacher credentials. According to AB 1282, students enrolled in grades K-12 depend highly on the competency of their teachers. Assembly Member Jackson required an increase in the amount of test taking sites and times for teachers to take their basic skills test, which evaluates their abilities. On October 6, 1999, Governor Grey Davis approved this bill and now enforces the requirements for mandatory teacher testing. This law also requires that teacher applicants be enrolled in “an approved credential program” before receiving their teaching credentials.

The section called “Teacher Credentials and Assignments” from Proposition 8: Public Schools is similar to AB 1282. This segment contains reports about the new subject-matter exams that teacher candidates must pass before receiving any credentials. This report also talks about background

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