Legislations And Codes Of Practice

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Legislations and codes of practice help us to better understand the school policy in which we work. We are not expected to know all the details of each and every code and legislations but as a practitioner working with children, we need to identify the main one that has to do with promoting equality and valuing diversity in school. We need to show that we are aware of them in our practice. Each school must produce a range of policies which formally sets out the guideline and procedure for ensuring equality. These must take into account of the rights of individuals and groups within the school. Policies should also provide guidance for staff and visitors to the school on ways to ensure inclusive practice. There may be a number of separate policies or they may be combined. Policies must include ways that schools work in relation to: • Race/cultural diversity • Equality of opportunity/inclusive practice • Safeguarding/bullying • Gifted and talented pupils • Special educational needs • Disability and access. In 2003, the Government published a green paper called Every Child Matters. This was alongside the formal response to the report into the death of Victoria Climbie. The death of Victoria Climbié exposed shameful failings in our ability to protect the most vulnerable children. The policies set out in the Green Paper are designed both to protect children and maximise their potential. It sets out a framework for services that cover children and young people from birth
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