Legislative Gridlock Essay

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“Legislative Gridlock” Jefferson states that a “government is best which governs least,” but what affect does government inaction have of on our society, and what are the forces that promote this inaction? The competition for power between separated institutions is a driving force in this inaction. When the legislative and executive branches of our government engage in a power struggle, policies that could be potentially beneficial suffer at the hands of legislative gridlock. The polarization of the democrat and republican parties also has an impact on the difficulties faced by Congress. A polarized Congress leads to difficulties in legislating because no one is willing to compromise. The competition of power and polarization between…show more content…
Even with the clear evidence that Congress has had more than just a disappointing session, it was still able to pass some very influential policies. The 112th Congress was able to pass 106 policies this term, with a few exceptionally influential policies. Congress was able to pass the ‘Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2011.’ This bill provides major incentives for the creation of new jobs and is essential to the revitalization of our devastated economy. Congress was also able to enact the Temporary Payroll Tax Continuation Act of 2011, “which allowed for an extension on the payroll tax holiday, unemployment compensation, Medicare physician payment, and provided consideration of the Keyston XL pipeline.” (Binder, 2003) These policies are both prime examples of the influential laws that that the 112th Congress was able to enact. However, despite these policies the 112th Congress was had a real inability to pass many of the major bills presented. Some would argue that the inaction of policies and refusal to pass laws among the 112th Congress might have actually had beneficial attributes to the American people. The argument basis this assertion on the fact that “there is no way to account for the value of preventing misguided, poorly drafted or premature legislation, or of the inadequacies of compromises that find their way
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