Legislative Law S.1832 : Pay Workers A Living Wage Act

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Legislative Law S.1832: Pay Workers a Living Wage Act To imagine and address all of the needs of just one individual may seem like a difficult job in itself, but to contemplate an institution to address the needs of thousands of people is highly impressive. This is what our government does for Americans today. Ever since the Declaration of Independence was signed, people throughout the United States encountered many freedoms, but with great power comes great responsibility. Without politics and our American Government, there would be pandemonium and chaos throughout the country. Within the United States, our government must be balanced and it must have some form of structure. It can not be so structured that it becomes a tyrannical and…show more content…
First this paper will discuss the purpose of the bill, second this paper will highlight the potentiality of raised prices within the economy as well as the general effect among society, next this paper will explain how increased minimum wages will produce a decrease in human labor within the workforce, and finally this paper will prove why this bill is truly unnecessary for Americans. The purpose of this act was to help individuals within society to have a more realistic way of living in society. Senator Bernard Sanders was the gentleman that brought forth this act and idea of striving to assist his fellow Americans to gain more control over their basic necessities in life. Some Americans have complained about how they are not receiving enough money for their everyday lives. Raising the minimum wage standard was to further help people meet their basic needs in life. These needs are scarce goods that include but are not limited to: food, water, shelter, electricity, and clothing. This piece of legislation is to assure and accommodate the livelihood and well being of individuals across the entire nation. He proposed that by January 1, 2016, the minimum wage must start at 9 dollars and increase by 1 dollar as each year passes by until 2020 where the minimum wage must begin at 15 dollars per hour worked. According to www.congress.gov/bill, by the time 2020 comes

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