Legislative in Malaysia

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1. Introduction In Malaysia the legislative is made up of Lower House and the Upper House which is consisting of representatives of people and assisted by Prime Minister to enforce the law. A legislative is a type of representative deliberative assembly with the power to create, amend and approve the laws. Legislative are the laws that are established by the Parliaments at federal level and by the State Legislative Assemblies at the state level. Parliament is known as a centre to discuss and to decide in making a law. 1The power of the Legislative body is with Parliament which is consists of Yang di-Pertuan Agong (YDPA) and the two Assemblies (Houses) of Parliament – The Senate and House of Representative. 2YDPA are not involved in…show more content…
There is no debate or amendment in the First Reading and strictly no copies of the Bills are distributed unless the bill is passed at this stage and it only will be printed and distributed. The draft copies of the Bills will be distributed to all Members of Parliament few days before the Second Reading. 8In additional, the draft copies will distributed promptly and be debated on the same day even though the government request that all three Readings must be completed immediately. It is to prevent the Opposition from discussing the Bill among them or trying to keep the public from getting involved in the proceeding. 3Washington State Legislature. (2012). Overview of the Legislative Process. Retrieved from http://www.leg.wa.gov/legislature/Pages/Overview.aspx 4Abdul, A.B. & Farid S.S. (2004) Constitution of Malaysia, Text and Commentary. Kuala Lumpur: Pearson. 5Scribd. (2012). Legislative Process in Malaysia. Retrieved from http://www.scribd.com/doc/76494102/10-Legislative-Process 6 Parlimen Malaysia. (2012). List of Bills. Retrieved from http://www.parlimen.gov.my/index.php?modload=document&uweb=dr&doc=bills&arkib=yes# 7Scribd. (2012). Legislative Process in Malaysia. Retrieved from http://www.scribd.com/doc/76494102/10-Legislative-Process 8Hakim, J. (2011, November 30). How Laws Are Enacted in Malaysia. Retrieved from
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