Legislators Must Satisfy Both Constituents’ and Partisan’s Interests

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The Constitution of California expects legislators, which includes both State’s senate and House of Representatives, to influence agency decision making, to build political support for increases or decreases in agency funding to lay the political foundation for new programs and policies, and to capture media attention and enhance the power of the California State Congress members. However, not all legislators are able to fulfill their duties and comply with the state’s expectations. Indeed, their efficacy to serve California varies on the length of their experience, familiarity to government system, and commitment to public service. Evaluating their performances for the past ten years, legislators can be distinguished by their competence…show more content…
Thus, most legislators always allocate enough personnel and staff resources for any constituent services such as handling casework and managing pork barrels strategically. Also, they become efficient as they continue to devote their time, informing their districts about the activities happening in the capitol, maintaining good communication, and consistently explaining relevant issues that will impact the lives of their constituent and even the entire California voters. Indeed, spending great deal of time with their own districts help legislator to understand the needs of their constituents and know whether their responsibilities are being accomplished. Secondly, lots of political experiences and legislative active participations are needed in order to become an effective lawmaker. In order to make bill a law, mastery of legislation procedures and well-rounded tactics are necessary to bargain and compromise effectively with the competing demands of other legislators, parties, and constituents. According to Gerard Padro Miquel and James M. Snyder, Jr.’s article titled “Legislative Effectiveness and Legislative Careers,” increased effectiveness is due to investment of human capital through hands-on experiences. Looking at the website of CA Senate Majority Leader Ellen M. Corbett, she has authored, co-authored, and sponsored more than twenty legislations. Since she has been dedicated to public service, her experiences allowed her to pass
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