Legitimacy And Necessity Of Black Philosophy Analysis

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The process of integration involves “a more complete, harmonious or coordinated entity” that welcomes equal acceptance of various groups in a society, which is different from a segregated society that maintains discrimination and prohibitive laws and customs.
5.Briefly explain the philosophical significance on whether or not faith and reason as mutually exclusive when it comes to the philosophy of Martin Luther King, Jr. Briefly explain in two or three complete sentences. For Dr. King, there was no way that faith and reason were exclusive. God was the master of all and as the creator he was the source of all faith and reason. For that reason, it was only when a man had complete faith that he was able to reason with a clear mind. King preached
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Jones’s, “The Legitimacy and Necessity of Black Philosophy: Some Preliminary Considerations” what does Jones mean when he states his purpose for writing the article is apologetic? Briefly discuss the five methods of investigation in determining the intellectual enterprise of the Black philosophical tradition. His reasons for writing the article are not apologetic although the tone begins in such a manner. He is actually stating in a way the same common ground that has led all Black people to the current position in their experience. In addition to that, he is defining the outrage that should be present at the lack of Black philosophers and a part of the experience. He also spends a very long time asking the very provocative and necessary question, what if God was a white racist. One thing that Jones takes head on is the fact that God may actually love people for their differences as he created all how could he be the father or mother that cast out their children simply for being what and who they were created to be? What kind of a God would that really be? Jones also asks the very clear question how is it that Black women can worship a white racist God who does not show the love that is present in every Black mother? Jones asked some questions which made sure that people were really able to think and brought new perspectives that had never been questioned…show more content…
Briefly explain what these steps are and how these characteristics are interrelated with the Black experience.
When it comes to the ways that the tradition of the nonviolence in the Black experience came together looking at the approaches of MLK and Nelson there are a few things that are very similar. Both of the movements were based on faith and were based on the ability to organize. The strength of all peoples was seen in the ability to see the common struggle and the fight and to identify as brothers and sisters with the entire group. When it came to organizing, it was a part of civil disobedience which made all of the difference in the world for the progress that was made. When people were getting arrested it was something that happened with them together and as an effort because one person was a part of the entire group and there was no line of separation between one brother and another
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