Lego: Building for the Future

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LEGO: Building for the future A Comprehensive Case Abrar Ahmad Shakeel Anjum Ali Qurashi Group Members Khuram Shahzad Fahad Insha Figure Outline Introduction Situation Analysis Problem Identification (Main & Sub) We will be approaching this case by first analyzing situation broadly and then narrowing down our focus right to the problem and conclusion stage Alternative Development Evaluation Selection Implementa tion Recomm endation Time Of Case •Year 1999 Industry Of Operation •Toy manufacturing Time Of Establishment •1932 By Ole the founder with few employees Geographic Area •Becloud, Denmark Meanings •Danish word “Log Godt” meaning “play well” Key People •Ole Kirk Christianson…show more content…
RCX to program microcomputer which acts as a robot’s brain ZNAP • Recently launched construction system • Features vehicles which once built can be

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