Lego Film Ethics

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Plato, the philosopher who lived in 423 B.C., was criticized by his people the Romans. The Romans thought that because Plato was affecting their children, he must be a nefarious character, therefore no Roman should take his advice. Going to the twentieth century for a more modern example of this, Stephen Hawking was thought in the same light for his anti-christian views. Going to painters, on the opposite of the spectrum, Pablo Picasso threw his wife down a flight of stairs so that he would not have a child, yet his work is still revered throughout the world as some of the greatest of all time. This information is not kept secret either. The public is well aware of what is happening. We can see past the horrid things that Pablo Picasso did…show more content…
Creator Don Bluth has said, ¨I believe that kids can stand anything whether it be death, sadness, as long as it has a happy ending and a good morality.¨ However, creators for children's media have been judged and based upon the backbone for this statement. The Lego Movie, a more modern example, was judged originally because they said that it was just a vacuous cash grab. It is being judged because critics are putting into question the morality of the creators for their greed. The product is being judged based on the judgements and intentions of the creators. However, the film goes into some deep stuff about self-worth, the loss of wonder, death, and philosophical inner texts about finding yourself and about the loss of creativity in common culture. Going to a much older film, Some Like It Hot, was judged on the fact that it was about the spread of crossdressing and just general indecency. It was originally condemned by the national league of decency in film. Even though the film was judged based on the morality of the film itself and not of creator Billy Wilder, it still works because it was unfairly judged based on silly interpretations. This film was eventually adapted into two stage plays and was put…show more content…
Adult media is given much more freeness but judgement is still apparent. Kevin Smith, a famous comedian, film producer and comic book writer, is typically judged on his morality because of his excessive cursing and his crude portrayal and scenes of indecency seen throughout his films. A person that I am close with even judged a ¨The Flash¨ episode he wrote called Killer Frost. He only knew Kevin Smith from the fantastically made documentary The Death of Superman Lives, and Clerks, where he curses at nauseum and is really being a very explicit person. Since Kevin Smith's nature is like this he made a false preconception that the Flash episode would represent himself since writing typically reflects one's true nature, and in turn skipped that episode from his judgement of that person. This turned out to be the highest rated ¨The Flash¨ episode ever made and comic fans responded positively to. He could not see past all of his bias towards this person and thus his judgment on the morality of the creator was shining through a fantastic episode of a well made
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