Lego Group : An Outsourcing Journey

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Strategic Case Analysis
LEGO Group: An Outsourcing Journey
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Erie (Eric Scott and Jonathan Landrum)
Dr. Marko Horn
October 21, 2015

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Introduction: Page 3
Synopsis of the Situation: Page 3
Key Issues: Page 4
Solution: Page 5
The Company Now and Going Forward: Page 5
S.W.A.T. Analysis: Page 6
Porter’s Five Forces: Page 7
Work Cited: Page 8

LEGO Group: An Outsourcing Journey
LEGO Group was formed by a carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen in 1932 in Billund, Denmark. The Word, LEGO was meant to attract kids of various age groups, it is derived from Danish phrase, “leg godt” meaning: “Play well”. Initially LEGO was produced as a wooden brick, with their motto, “Only the best is the best.” The LEGO Brick was produced in 1958 composed of interlocking tubes that offered unlimited building opportunities. The purpose of The LEGO Brick was to inspire creative and controlled problem solving, while adhering to common curiosity using your everyday imagination (Sandgaard Jensen). It was awarded “Toy of the century” by Fortune Magazine, as well as British Association of Toy Retailers. LEGOs was sold in more than 130 countries. A couple major products include: Pre-school products LEGO DUPLO, Play Themes LEGO city line, BIONICLE, and many more Licensed Products built up around movies or books also including a LEGO Education Board game. Market sizes category US, Australia, United Kingdom, New…

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