Lego Robotics : Building A Robot Out Of Legos

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Finally after waiting a very long time, the LEGO robotics season had started. I wasthrilled, because this year, I would be building and programming robots. When my dad had told me about the program a week ago, I immediately responded yes, because I loved building LEGOs so much. I remembered spending hours on end wearing out my fingers from snapping together LEGO bricks. It was amazing to think that I would be able to actually build a robot out of LEGOs. LEGO robotics was a popular activity all around the world, and it spread to many countries, two being the U.S and Japan. My dad had said he found it extraordinary because it taught kids about structure, programming, and teamwork. The program was divided into two age groups,one would be the…show more content…
"So," dad remarked, "do you think this is going to be a good year?" "Yeah," I responded. "By the way, I think the wheel bot is going to be the best robot design." "Who knows,we haven 't seen the challenge board yet," dad reasoned. I groaned softly, and muttered, "Dad. Its the beginning of the season and the first time I 've done this. "I 'm just making sure, dad explained, "that you realize that this is robotics, not just building legos. I mean, building is part of the program, but most of it is programming, teamwork, and strategy." I decided not to respond. I was sure I knew what I was doing and that I was right about the wheel bot. After about ten seconds, dad announced, "Matt, make sure that when I give you help," he said pointing at me, "that you don 't get frustrated like you are now, or you 'll let your team down." 2 months later; November, 2013 I walked down into our dusty, boring and cold basement. I took a glimpse around the room, and saw the same snaking pipes and cement floors that I 'd seen for two months. My team, their parents, and my dad are trailing close behind me, I could hear their thumping footsteps on our wooden stairs. My dad strided ahead of me and called back to my teammates, "All of you can work on building the robot." Dad pulled me aside and whispered, "You know what you 're going to

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