Lego : The Crisis Write Up

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Kierson Wilfley
January 26, 2015
BBUS 470
Case 3: Lego: The Crisis Write Up

1. LEGO is a company that has a lot of strengths as well as weaknesses when based upon a SWOT analysis. Lego has a brand image that is very strong and well known. Not only created for toys for children but created with the mindset of having an educational purpose. As stated on page two of the case, “in order to help market the product to children and parents, the sets were creatively designed in collaboration with the Danish Road Safety Council to help teach children about traffic safety.” This not only helped children learn young about the rules of the road but also gained parents trust. Another strength for LEGO is that their toys are good quality. They are hard to break and when being built stayed together but also came apart easily when it was time to clean up. They referred to this as “clutch power.” Last of many strengths is LEGO is constantly being innovative. There are always new play themes, LEGOLAND theme park, LEGO movies and video games. Though many strengths, LEGO does have some weaknesses.

LEGO once was more than just bricks and theme sets. They had wooden toys that they eventually stopped manufacturing. This hinders their offerings and fallbacks if LEGO bricks were to ever stop being popular. They need to expand beyond and add more toys to their business that could go hand in hand with their current offerings. Also, Legos and their theme buckets can be expensive when compared to
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