Lego Toys And The Lego Company

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The Lego company, it started as a small carpenter’s workshop and transformed into the modern, huge company it is today, creating some of the most known toys in the world. The Lego company created the Lego (brick). The Lego (brick) is the most well known toy in the world. The Lego toys are known for bringing out the imagination in children. Legos develop creativity and problem-solving skills in users. They also allow people to express their emotions and such through Lego art. Many children who play with Legos create their own world of role play allowing them to have a “zone” where their creativity can fly and they can build. All things of course have to start somewhere. For the Lego company, they started off as a small carpenter’s workshop…show more content…
This spawns the Lego System idea in the mind of Godtfred”. This new system does not get good reviews at launch, but is fixed throughout the years. In 1957, the “interlocking principle” behind Lego bricks is invented and this new interlocking system is patented. This interlocking system sold very well since the new bricks were made very precisely. Eventually, the Lego Group expanded to other countries and began producing and selling their products everywhere. In 1963, they changed the material which changed the the toy greatly showing the change in LEGO toys, claiming that “LEGO Elements are now moulded in ABS” plastic instead of cellulose acetate, because it didn’t break and lose color as fast. In 1964, the Lego company started selling Lego toys in sets instead of in bulk, these sets came with instructions and were made for the more older children. This was a new way of selling Lego bricks and changed how people used them. Then in 1971, the Lego Group released minifigures, which were later sold separately but were limited. Over the years, Lego has made many complex sets. Lego is not guiding towards sets for adults, but it just allowing kids to work with parents and let their imaginations fly with the newer sets. Lego also had separate products like Duplo blocks which were for toddlers and the Technic line which was “released and created in 1980 by Papermint”. In the May of 1998, one of these newer products, “the Lego Primo
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