Lego a Brand Case Study

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Prof. Atul Tandon

Lego Case Study

Lego – The way the world plays
An Introduction:
LEGO Lego) is a privately held consumer product company engaged in the manufacture and distribution of a wide range of toys, video games and online games. A powerful and instantly recognized global brand has been a key feature of Lego’s success.
Lego has worked hard to establish this brand through a number of routes. The group organizes its business into four main categories: the core business of play materials, family attractions, lifestyle products, and media. In each of these categories the brand is clearly and consistently applied.
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* Re-positioning: Reposition Lego without compromising or diluting the brand promise of quality, inspiring creative imagination and that only the best will do for its customers. * Extensibility: It needs to review product diversification Example With an aim to become a lifestyle brand Lego diversified into clothes, video games and watches. Care needs to be taken not to dilute the brand equity while increasing product offerings * Improve Distribution: Bionicle was a successful toy but it was criticised for having poor stocks though the product had a high demand, and the lesser popular toys were available in stores. Hence a weak distribution network can be proving detrimental in such a competitive environment.

Question 2:
In 2004, Lego continued its promotional and product tie ups with Harry Potter and Spiderman. This move is critical since sales and company profits will have to depend on these partnerships and there may be times when there is no release of the particular blockbuster series movie and this dependency can prove detrimental if it’s the sole business driver. Too many of these tie ups will be viewed as a block to creativity and then fail to deliver the open ended imaginative play aspect of Lego on which the brand is
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