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1594 Words7 Pages Case Study Lego Mindstorms The non-commercial website has been an enormous success providing Lego with a strong presence on the Internet. However, implementing a website capable of handling sales transactions requires a great deal more than a non-commercial site. The firm has implemented an ERP system which may provide some technical support for the website. The details of the ERP system are unknown at this time; however, the goal of implementing the system was to optimize the supply chain from production to distribution, which will be a significant opportunity for the E-Commerce project. Another important consideration is incorporating the ERP system into the E-Commerce transactions so that separate systems and…show more content…
This strength separates Lego from the other 2 billion sites on the web that could sell blocks of some type of Lego’s own products. Lego has a global supply chain already in place and includes processes of planning, production, distributing and logistics. The E-Commerce project will impact distributing and logistics because of the differences in delivering to consumers versus delivering to retailers and other distributors. Delivering the product on time and correctly is a main priority of the E-Commerce site and can prove to be a strength or a weakness. Currently Lego, Inc. has companies and offices in 30 countries and covers 6 continents providing a great deal of resources needed for both the selling to consumers and perhaps some of the infrastructure existing can support the Lego Mind storm’s e-commerce sites. Many issues arise from Lego’s target market being largely children. The first problem is moving from a child wishing to buy a Lego product to a parent paying for the product. Many ethical and legal issues must be addressed when marketing to children. One possible way of dealing with these sensitive issues is to allow parents to customize the web site and pre pay purchases using gift cards. Two advantages result from this strategy; the first is giving parents control over what products and information is available to the children. For example, a

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