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Question 1: From this case study, it showed how Lehman Brothers walked down to the end of it business. Through Lehman Brothers’ case, it reflects the ugly side of a corporate. A big recognized company collapse due to it unsuccessful leadership management, culture and dishonesty by it people caused the company walked down to the end of it business. There are several points showed how it gone bankrupted. By using the ethical perspective to look at Lehman Brothers’ situation, it showed that the company being dishonest to it clients, failure in the company leadership and corporate management are the major problems that lead to the company downfalls. As a Wall Street icon, they disappointed the public and being irresponsible towards…show more content…
This may caused the unwillingness and disobedience of some employees in Lehman because their opinion did not get the attention from the management, whereas only those who did their job just to achieving their personal values and goals get good rewards from the company. They use to reward employees with lots of money for taking risks, to encourage risk taking to earn better profit. Because of the rewards, Employees has drive to work harder to get better money but has forgotten to put their clients into consideration by lower down the risk and to do better and deeper analyses before taking every move. Furthermore, in the case of Lehman Brothers, it showed a company that did not put his people/ employees into consideration or as assets of it company. This showed when Lehman decided to lower the medical insurance costs just to get an expense off the balance sheet, and rejected the suggestion of a loyal consultant than has been worked sincerely 9 years with Lehman just to cover the company’s ass with some unethical decision. Moreover, the third party, Ernst & Young aware of the use of Repo 105 by Lehman but did not voice out or report to the related association. Being a top professional auditor firm, E&Y did not perform it professionalism to show responsibility to it firm and try to help the unethical party to hide it true situation of it company. In this scenario, it showed the unethical issue that always happens in the business industry, Corruption. In my

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