Leif Enger Symbolism

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Birds represent God’s presence unless they are interfered with people. Leif Enger strategically created hidden places for the references of birds into his story that become a scavenger hunt for the reader. The Lands encounter a lot of positive and negative occasions with birds. Though God guides them along this journey to find Jeremiah’s son, Davy, God finds ways to show his presence through others. In this book, God appears through many symbols of birds. His presence appears through people or in new places. But, when birds are interfered with people, their positive presence of God has a negative turn. It determines how the next portion of the Land’s journey will go and their luck to come. Towards the middle of the story, Leif Enger introduces…show more content…
This seemed as though it were a sign from God. So far, Leif Enger has used Birds in his story as representations of God’s presence. This part in the novel, however, is somewhat opposite. After the Lands had stopped by August and Birdie’s place, they stared to drive across the boarder into North Dakota. As they were driving on an open road with no other approaching cars, Swede noticed something black, flapping in the middle of the road up ahead. They later realize it is a dead crow. This however was not common what so ever to see a crow in North Dakota. They thought nothing of it and proceeded on their journey. As they kept driving, there was yet another crow found dead in the middle of the road. Jeremiah later goes on to say, “I was just thinking, all the years I spent in North Dakota, that’s the first crow I ever saw hit on the road.” (page 134) Enger purposefully made Jeremiah’s line prominent to tell the reader that this was very suspicious and out of the ordinary to see not one, but two dead crows on their way. God still seemed to appear at this moment but in a different perception. God seemed to be warning them that something bad was yet to come. Perhaps if the crows weren’t found dead, they could have meaning that the Land’s were headed in the right direction. Although because the crows were dead, the Land’s were followed with bad news the next day. This shows that God’s presence has been represented through birds. Although, when birds are interfered with people, such as possibly crows being hit by a vehicle, they lose the presence of God and bad news is yet to
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