Leisure Education : Purpose Of Leisure

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1. What is the purpose of leisure education? The purpose of leisure education is to gain knowledge by building skill and attitudes that related to leisure activity. For the client or patient by develop these skills and getting involved into leisure activity will help them to important their life style. These leisure skills will help individual to expand their lifestyle skill and express their feeling of understanding to have a satisfied personality. Leisure education its play a role in each person life by giving them the opportunity to understand the purpose of leisure to help improve their life by staying positive.
2. Give four examples of leisure education activities for a group of clients that are older adults. Some of the explain of
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Its will give the recreation specialist to decide which program is the best fit for their patient to provide the right leisure program and then move on forward with that information.
6. Look at the JCAHO ( and CARF ( Web sites and describe how these monitoring agencies help agencies and professionals working in those agencies be accountable for service provision. Both JCAHO AND CARF are independent, non-profit organizations that help to improve health care for the public in collaboration with a wide range of professionals in the field. The CARF provides accreditation is certification program that accepted standards care that are developed with the input of providers, consumers, and other experts in the health field. Both program give high quality of care and services for patient with new information and update to the present.
7. How do factors such as gender, ethnicity, culture, home environment or community, and livelihood effect the designation of client outcomes? Gender, ethnicity, culture, home environment, community and livelihood all have significant impacts on an individual’s principles, identity, overall outlook on life, bring success and need. A recreation specialist would use these factors to determine the patient need to identify the goals and outcome based on the treatment and resources being given to the individual.
8. Why is
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