Leith Flood Protection

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In no more than 300 words describe the overall strategy of flood protection across the Water of Leith protection scheme. Your answer should consider how the structures at different locations relate to an overall perspective of managing flow. (10 marks)
During heavy rainfall the Leith river becomes fast flowing, and flooding can occur quickly due to the upper catchments having a high gradient (Goldsmith et al. 2005). There have been several structures put in place to prevent overflow and damage from floods in the Leith river. Tall concrete walls have been constructed at sites (1-5, 7, 8, 9, 11). these are built tall, up to five metres high and they prevent excess overflow during times of an increase in river height. The concrete material is also beneficial during these times because the bank will not became muddy or erode away causing sediment to deposit into the river. However, it is a disadvantage because the concrete is not permeable so no absorption will occur lowering the river height when needed. At the upper end of Leith there are more natural surroundings with trees and plants. During periods of rainfall these plants would be able to take up some of the moisture from the ground preventing some rain water flowing into the river. However, many sites in the more urban areas have
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2005) At site nine a fish pass is set up next to a large a concrete culvert. This culvert is very shallow at less than 10cm under normal conditions. To ensure fish can pass safely this pass was put in place. This is especially important for fish that need to migrate for things such as spawning. For example, brown trout have spawning areas located above woodhaugh gardens. In the river there are weirs, culverts, sills and other concrete obstacles which do not have a fish pass next to them. This is because fish are able to leap up steep slopes or over large distances so areas upstream or downstream are accessible to
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