Leman And Pentak Reflection

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What was of most value to you in this course?
First and foremost, it was of great value to have Dr. Meade willing to take the time to review and offer feedback on our milestone assignments prior to submission. Having her expertise applied in this final assignment was eye opening when it comes to setting up an HRM in a business. I never realized all the small, valuable and necessary intricate details that were needed.

While I learned quite a bit from the tactical information given in the Dessler textbook, I took far more away from the Leman & Pentak book, The Way of the Shepherd. This book reinforced the importance of leading by example, whether or not a person is in a formal leadership role or not. I also noted how both authors promoted the importance of lifelong learning; “to provide employees with continuous learning experiences over the tenure with the company and to ensure they have the opportunity to learn the skills they need to do their jobs and to expand their horizons” (Dessler, 2013, p. 143). Leman’s example of this is to know the shape of his or her flock by, “understanding an individual and knowing where to place him or her on a team, know their strengths and what
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What I have learned from going to school, especially while working, is that good leaders are hard to come by. Leman says it best as to why more people don’t shepherd their people, “Great leadership comes at a price that too few are willing to pay” (p. 111). I have been working since I was 15 and to be honest, I have only had one exceptional leader who has made an impact on my life and that is because she knows, practiced and displayed the value and principles in The Way of the Shepherd. The knowledge that I have gained from her guidance in partnership with school and Dr. Meade will be with me for a lifetime and I plan to use all of these principles and teaching as I move forward in my career and in
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