Lemonade : The Rocky Love Story Of It's Lemonade

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The video begins in black and white with Beyoncé’s soft-spoken voice stating the directions to her grandmother’s fresh squeezed lemonade, while three young girls run out of the house in dresses. The visuals for All Night were captivating as it flashed various images and universal symbols of love and life, personal moments such as wedding videos, pre and post pregnancy footage and of random couples on the streets with footage of various sexual preferences and various colors and creed. This video was the ending to Beyoncé’s critically acclaimed rocky love story turned visual album “Lemonade”. The narration in this video really pulled the visuals to another level as she spoke on almost divorcing her husband of coming up on ten years Sean “Jay-Z” Carter. To want to give their relationship another shot despite the infidelities to make it last a lifetime. This video aims to show that love has its ups and downs but the ups usually will always prevail. The first ten and a half seconds the screen flashes the word “redemption”, in the meaning of believing that people always deserve another chance when you feel they are worth the risk you are personally taking yourself. Meanwhile, you hear Beyoncé giving a complex multi-step recipe to fresh squeezed lemonade, to show a hidden analogy that not only when life gives you lemons you make lemonade, but it takes a while and a few spills to get what you want. The video then transitions into her grandmother’s 90th birthday party, which her

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