Lend Lease Group Case Study

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1. Introduction of Lend Lease Group
1.1 Company Overview
‘The Bond’, as the edifice is well-known in Australia, is Australia 's foremost office building to get genuine results in commercial, environmental, and social sustainability, meeting world’s best practice ( Australian Institute of Architect). It was built by a pioneer real estate business group Lend Lease Group which was established in 1951 in Australia as Civil & Civic. Lend Lease Corporation was formed in 1958 and listed in the Australian Stock Exchange in the same year (Case study 16). Lend Lease Group (officially Lend Lease Corporation Limited, LLC) is a vertically integrated real estate solutions provider group established by Dick Dusseldorp in Australia in 1958 and
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The major areas of environmental focus were stated as “energy and greenhouse emissions reduction” (NatHERS Star ratings). NatHERS is the Nationwide House Energy Rating System now mandatory for any housing development applications in NSW (New South Wales). It forms part of BASIX which aims to reduce water consumption and effluent flows, improve internal environmental quality (thermal, acoustic, air quality, light quality), and reduce materials consumption with focus on materials that have environmental impacts in their production (see page 17).”
In addition, on the 2 December 2004, Lend Lease Property Management Australia (LLPMA) and EPA signed a sustainability covenant, which was a commitment to the public that both organisations will work together to protect and contribute to a more sustainable environment. The aim of this declaration was to ensure that Lend Lease is empowered to develop a strategic approach to sustainability issues. With this comes the responsibility to publicly report the progress towards achieving the sustainability outcomes. Although this covenant was signed by Lend Lease, it is now with General Property Trust, which was until 2005 part-owned and managed by Lend Lease and is now independent of Lend Lease. Competencies

2. Strategy Analysis of LLC
2.1 Strategic Overview of Lend Lease Group
Vision of Lend Lease Group: * ‘To create the best places’.
Strategic Direction of Lend Lease
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