Lending Institutions, Health Care, and Human Capital

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Assignment 2: Lending Institutions, Health Care, and Human Capital Monique Ashley Val Margarit, MA, Ed. S, ABD Sociology 300 December 3, 2013 Abstract This paper is about Nigeria and their health care, lending institutions and human capital. It is how this country can grow because this country is capable of great things. They need help and It seems that they are trying to fix the problems in their country, but it s very hard to climb yourself out of a hole that seems impossible. They need a assistance but the World Bank and IMF see unable to provide the amount of care that they need or give them the financial push that is required to keep their country a float. Lending Institutions, Health Care, and Human Capital…show more content…
(Odi, Olukotu & Emmanuel, 2013) Also these institutions have such strict regulation about where the money goes, but no check to see if that is what the money is actually going to benefit the poor and hungry women and children. (Odi, Olukotu & Emmanuel, 2013) Furthermore Nigeria has microloans which the people are being taken advantage of because if the country does not know how to handle money the people sure can’t. (Odi, Olukotu & Emmanuel, 2013) The educations is poor so kids have to be walking long distance to school so must kids don’t go to school. (Odi, Olukotu & Emmanuel, 2013) Having educated students is one thing, but having a healthy work force to pay for it is something entirely different. Nigeria spending on health care has increased through recent years. The spending is becoming stronger and so is the country. (Industry Report Healthcare: Nigeria, 2012) The live expectancy is going up, however it is only about 2/3rds of what a first world country is. (Industry Report Healthcare: Nigeria, 2012) The average live expectancy is about 52.5 years old. (Industry Report Healthcare: Nigeria, 2012) Having a healthier population mean that the population over all will increase which it has because more money has been put in to health care. (Industry Report Healthcare: Nigeria, 2012) It is growing several million a year and in 2007 it was 143.3
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