Lending a Helping Hand Essay

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While riding down the street do you ever see homeless people? Do you stop and stare or act as if they don’t exist? If you’re the type of person who acts as if they were not there; well the fact is that they do and there are many homeless people worldwide. Often a homeless person is suffering from starvation or they are mentally ill. Some of these homeless people do not have the choice of being homeless or if not it may be the governments fault. That’s because they constantly raise the prices of things including homes. When jobs are very scarce, it would be hard to pay any type of bills or for food. The government could lower the prices but they do not they just increase them little by little. There is a simple solution to all this madness…show more content…
(Balkin Karen) Between 1973 and 1993 more than 2.2 million low rent apartment have disappeared (Bruce Berleson). If these apartments could magically re-appear than that would be great to get these people up off of the streets and in a nice affordable place to live in. “In the city of Los Angeles they had a 38% decrease in their homelessness population count” (The Medical News). Not only is the housing prices to much but the wait list for housing benefits are even longer. “The average wait for public housing was 19 months; the average wait for Section 8 certificates and vouchers was 21-23 months. 45% of cities have stopped taking public housing applications in at least one assisted housing program due to extensive waiting lists“ (Shaft Jay). Shorting the wait time could really do some good also. There are many veterans who are living on the streets. Most of these veterans are mentally ill from fighting in combat. If more homeless shelters were to get built than there would be no need for them to be sleeping on the streets. Did you know that the “American war can create many homeless people each year. Many of these people need a place to stay because they could be suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic stress disorder), substance abuse disorder and/or physical disabilities” (galegroup.com) Should every person believe that a veteran have a right to have a place to stay since they
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