Lending a Helping Hand Essay

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Lending a Helping Hand There have always been organizations that provide help for the needy. Now the economy is going through a downward spiral giving these institutions a greater importance in helping the lives of those who need it. Miami County residents have seen firsthand that some people who live in this area really need the help. The statistical evidence shows that Miami County, Indiana is being affected by the economy. The average salary of a resident in Peru, Indiana ends up being $28,487. (Indiana) That number may not seem profound, but when you have a family to support, the budget gets tight. The normal wage annually for a resident in the state of Indiana is $45,434. (Indiana) That makes it roughly 38% more money than what Miami…show more content…
Yet, hunger only makes up for a small part of the complications that poverty brings. Without enough money, how does someone suppose to afford to live in a house? Though most Miami County residents do not see homeless people, does not hide the fact we have people living without a home. Peru is not a big city like New York, or Los Angeles, but no matter where you are at in America, there will always be those who cannot afford to rent or own any type of housing. Even if everyone could afford some type of housing to live in, it does not mean they can afford all the necessary utilities. Air conditioning is not a necessity, but someone might not have enough money to provide a fan. The cost for utilities such as electricity for a fan to keep the cool in the summer heat, or simply having running water might be a problem for someone with little to no income. With winter approaching even some people will have to go without heat in the Miami County area. Helping Hands is a Non-Government and Non-Profit organization in Miami County. Hershel Manhart was a volunteer at St. Vincent DePaul in Peru when he began to do research to determine if there was a need for a food pantry. He started his research in 2000 and within two years determined there was definitely a need for one. Helping Hands was founded in 2002 by Hershel. (Manhart) It is run by volunteers from the area and provides many solutions to the dilemmas of poverty. Some of the services they provide are feeding the
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