Lennie Essay On Friendship

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Friendship Hurts Friendship: it can’t be bought, nor can it be found—it is something that is earned. Some friendships last days, weeks, years, even lifetimes. A friend is someone who gives a person the freedom to be who they rightfully are. No doubt, life is simply more pleasant with friends as some speculate. But what if the friendship was no longer the childhood bond that it used to be? John Steinbeck exposes the painful struggle of friendship in his petite novella Of Mice and Men with George Milton and his lifelong best friend, Lennie Small, whom struggles with a mild mental disability. After a series of unfortunate events causes Lennie and George to grow attached to each other, they become stronger together—similar to brothers. Their…show more content…
George has learned over the years to not only accept Lennie for his mental challenges, but also love him for who he is. When George found Lennie at their rendezvous point after unintentionally killing his puppy and Curley’s wife, Lennie knew he was going to be in trouble. As a result, Lennie says to George: “’Well, I can go away,’ said Lennie. ‘I’ll go right off in the hills an’ find a cave if you don’ want me.’ George shook himself again. ‘No,’ he said. ‘I want you to stay with me here’” (Steinbeck 104). Despite Lennie knowing what he did was very wrong, George refused to not show him love. He treated him well by informing him that he wanted Lennie to stay with him, not leave. With this unconditional love George had for Lennie, he made the tough decision to—in a sense—put Lennie down. George prepared his gun after getting Lennie to ramble about their farm they would buy. “’No,’ said George. ‘No, Lennie. I ain’t mad. I never been mad, an’ I ain’t now. That’s a thing I want ya to know’” (Steinbeck 106). George wanted Lennie to go out knowing that he was never angry with him no matter what and that he wasn’t mad now. George lets Lennie continue to talk about the farm and the rabbits until it is time and George shoots him right in the back of the head so Lennie would feel no pain—mercy kill.
The best form of love is forgiveness. Not only does it take a strong person to say they’re sorry, but it takes an even
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