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Lennie Although John Steinbeck’s novelette Of Mice and Men included a vast away of interesting characters, Lennie was one that sparked my interest the most. Small’s personality is similar to that of an innocent child’s; he is also often depicted like an animal, as he is as strong as a bull (as Milton describes him), but acts like a dog. Small is also mentally handicapped, feels security when it comes to touching soft items, and does not understand many abstract ideas. We can look at all of these traits through his devoted dependency towards George. Though he acts this way, he does not actually comprehend this idea of loyalty. As a result, he often gets into trouble without the intention of doing so, and once he does, only defines his…show more content…
George also warns Lennie to not be near Curley’s wife, as he senses trouble between the two. Nevertheless, at the conclusion of the book, Lennie accidentally kills Curley’s wife after trying to calm her down (as she was screaming for help because Small would not let go of her soft hair). Overall, Lennie’s outstanding physical strength combined with his lack of intelligence and moral sense makes him dangerous without George monitoring him constantly. Curley’s Wife In Steinbeck’s novelette, I find Curley’s wife to be an intriguing character, as she is the only character (and only woman in the story) given without a name. When she is first introduced in the story, her actions of trying to find her husband pretty much defines her role: a flirt who uses the power of her skin color and beauty to sway other men. For example, during the scene in Crook’s room (in the middle of the story) she reminds Crooks of his role and status and threatens to have him lynched if he does not show the proper respect towards her, a white woman and the wife of the boss’ son. Despite many of the ranchmen being aware of her seductiveness, she still manages to obtain Lennie’s interest to the point where Small himself cannot stop staring at her. George, realizing Lennie’s fascination with Curley’s wife, warns him to stay away from her. We also notice that Curley’s wife is

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