Lennie Small Symbolism

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John Steinbeck was an author who had very many amazing novels. Steinbeck was like no other writer; one of his best books was “Of Mice and Men”. In this book Steinbeck shows how George takes care of Lennie Small. In this paper I will be discussing the symbols of the book, which are Lennie, Candy’s dog, and George and Lennie’s dream farm. In the book Lennie is not all there. Lennie has a severe mental issue that causes him to not be able to think or not do things to get him in trouble. Lennie represents handicapped people who can’t be alonxzr4e. George takes care of lennie and acts like a father figure towards him. Lennie got him and George in trouble while they were working in Weed so they had to make a run. While working in Weed a
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