Lennon 's Life And Life

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Lennon not having a father early on in life would affect him then and later in life. All of Lennon’s pain reached back to his earliest memories and would cut through his whole life. When Lennon was just a little boy his father was often away from home (“war-time”). When eventually his father returned, he wanted to start over but it was too late because Lennon’s mother by then was pregnant with another man’s child (“war-time”), and she didn’t want anything to do with Lennon’s father. His father left them and never came back, and that is when Lennon began acting oddly in class, disturbing/wasting other pupils time, and beginning his road to failure (“war-time”). To make things worse for Lennon throughout the rest of his childhood and…show more content…
Lennon spent most of his childhood there and remained close to his aunt, even though she was highly dismissive of his musical ambitions. Lennon started playing in church and from then on, he started finding a love for music. When Mimi first started seeing this, she asked Lennon’s headmaster, to get help so that Lennon could be accepted into the Liverpool College of Art because his aunt insisted that he should have some sort of academic qualifications, even though Lennon was beginning to show an interest in music. From then on Lennon showed that he was serious about his music ambitions and it was all thanks to not only his hard word but his aunt’s hard work to make sure he was well taken care of. In church Lennon found a new love for music and met someone that shared his love for music. A summer’s evening on July 6th 1957, Lennon met someone that would change his life forever, Paul McCartney. While setting up for one of his performances at church a schoolmate introduced him to McCartney, a year his senior. They both chatted for a few minutes, and in the end McCartney taught Lennon how to tune a guitar, and when McCartney first saw him perform he said, “ 'Well, he looks good, he 's singing well and he seems like a great lead singer to me”. Lennon was equally impressed with McCartney, and showed talent for singing songs that Lennon tried hard to accomplish. From then on Lennon and McCartney never stopped working with each other. Even when creating the Beatles was
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