Lenovo: Building a Global Brand

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When Lenovo acquired IBM’s PC division to transition out of being China’s largest PC maker to the third largest in the world, they were confronted with the challenge of four different brand strategies. Lenovo desired to clearly communicate an authentic value proposition for the newly combined resources of their firm. With this, we would recommend a Synergy branding strategy in the short term and a Master Brand approach in the long term. We feel this co-branding approach will further align Lenovo’s brand to their mission of “putting more innovation in the hands of more people so they can do more amazing things” by creating broader consumer appeal and greater brand equity. Using a hybrid of the master company in conjunction with…show more content…
The fact that no other Chinese company has built a successful global brand in the past makes this task more challenging. The acquisition could present uncertainty to consumers in regards to consistency and reliability since the existing, trusted brand of the Thinkpad series will be impacted by the relatively unknown brand, Lenovo. There is also a general impression among media and press associates of Lenovo’s association in regards to the Chinese government. Lenovo needs to improve this image and overcome stigmas associated with its country of origin. As mentioned above, they should focus on promoting their key competencies of quality and innovation. It is imperative for them to successfully morph into a global brand and distinguish themselves from the IBM brand image. The first step for Lenovo should be to create a strong brand position and subsequently develop, execute and communicate the brand strategy accordingly. The company needs to establish itself as an international brand capable of carrying the highly trusted Thinkpad brand image while reinforcing its own strengths as a highly efficient and innovative PC brand. Lenovo can accomplish this by positioning itself as a company that combines the efficiency of the East (with the expertise of supply chain operations in China) along with the innovation and high product quality from the West (IBM). Given the strong IBM brand, it is

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