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The report of Lenovo's marketing strategy

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BRIEF INTRODUCTION----------------------------------------3

FINDINGS-----------------------------------------------------------3 1.The macro-marketing environment---------------------------------3

2. The micro-marketing environment--------------------------------4

3. Lenovo's SWOT analysis----------------------------------------5

4. STP
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Although the acquisition of the IBM PC business, full integration is not yet complete.
3.3 opportunity:
The development of the consumer PC market, along with the rise of the notebook market as well as the popularity of the PC provides a good opportunity to Lenovo notebook in the consumer market. And there is a sales boom as Win7 listed the individual market. so Lenovo should seize the opportunity to capture the market. The Chinese government launch home appliance countryside sports, farmers for the PC has a strong demand. Lenovo can seize the chance to go to China's vast countryside market.The domestic market having the rapid development , more and more consumers to buy the computer.
3.4 threat:
The consumer market, facing the threat of the Hewlett-Packard, Dell is a strong competitor. A large number of new brand computer manufacturers produce cause confusion of market.The financial crisis is still not completely eliminate and global individual market is falling which affect the Lenovo shipments greatly since commercial personal market.
4. Lenovo's market segments, the choice of target customers, market positioning (STP analysis)
4.1 Market segment: despite Lenovo is an old computer, it seems that there is no market selection problem, but when profits to maximize the enterprise management of long-term highest goal appeared. Lenovo will also can not bear the temptation of diversification, attack from

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